Flower Descriptions

Hilly View Frosted Lime - This flower has an uplifting effect. The 11.347% CBD is enough to help with anxiety and mild pain. It has earthy rich flavor that is potent and gives a clearheaded energy boost to your day.


Hilly View Special Sauce - With CBD weighing in at 14.867%, this is a great evening strain. Its higher CBD potency causes a relaxing effect that helps with pain and acts as a sleep aid.


Honicker Farms Carolina - We liked the flower from Honicker Farms so much we bought more. With 11.382% CBD, this uplifting flower is great for anxiety and relaxation.


Honicker Farms Frosted Lime - The lush green and frosted outside give this flower a good reason for its name. The CBD is 16.445% and the effects are more relaxing than the Hilly View Frosted Lime. **SOLD OUT**


Honicker Farms Siskiyou Gold - With CBD at 11.492%, this is a great strain to get you going during the day. It has an uplifting effect that relaxes the user while still giving them an uplifting energetic feel. This can be great for people with ADHD.


Mayfield Farm Boax - A sweet smelling strain with a fruity taste. With CBD at 17.998% this is a great strain for pain relief and relaxation. Definitely for evening use.


Mayfield Farm Cherry - *Best Nugs* This strain in known for its large, dense nugs, and slight hints of pine in its aroma. It is an uplifting smoke as the CBD is 11.49%. 


Mayfield Farm Wife - This flower is easily recognized by its pollen covered leaves. It has a wonderful aroma and an uplifting effect in smaller amounts. With CBD at 13.644%, more than half a joint will give you a relaxing, sleep aid effect.


Red Hen Farms Cherry Wine - This strain is well known for its piney notes and uplifting effects. With CBD at 9.763%, it is a great day time smoke that will give you energy.


Volunteer Carolina - From our friends at Volunteer Farms we have a high CBD Carolina strain. With 17.67% CBD, this flower is a great choice for your evening. Its pain relieving and relaxing effects are a great answer to Winter weather and the aches it brings. (If you love Honicker Frosted Lime and Vol Suver Haze we recommend this strain)


Volunteer Suver Haze – Sold out for the season


Williamette CBG - This unique strain has 1% CBD while also having 12.77% CBG, which is known to be very effective for targeting the gastrointestinal issues. This is a wonderful strain to help with nausea, IBS, Crohn’s Disease, Acid Reflux, and any other stomach issue. But due to the low CBD percentage in this flower it is not as relaxing as the other strains.


Sweetleaf T-1 – This flower has an earthy aroma that is dank and musky. With a CBD percentage ranking in a 13.88 this can be a relaxing strain for the evening.


Smoky AC/DC - This is a great flower for help with pain. With a CBD at 9%, Delta 9 THC at 0.3 legal limit, and TOTAL THC at 4.57% this is as close as we can legally get to medical. The higher total THC number is way above other strains and will be better suited to help with pain. This strain is not recommended for anxiety for the same reasons. This Strain is NOT for those who need to pass a drug test. 

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