Flower Descriptions

Hilly View Frosted Lime - This flower has an uplifting effect. The 11.347% CBD is enough to help with anxiety and mild pain. It has a fresh flavor and gives a clearheaded energy boost to your day.


Hilly View Special Sauce - With CBD weighing in at 14.867%, this is a great evening strain. Its higher CBD potency causes a relaxing effect that helps with pain and acts as a sleep aid.


Honicker Farms Carolina - We liked the flower from Honicker Farms so much we bought more. With 11.382% CBD, this uplifting flower is great for anxiety and relaxation.


Honicker Farms Frosted Lime - The lush green and frosted outside give this flower a good reason for its name. The CBD is 16.445% and the effects are more relaxing than the Hilly View Frosted Lime. 


Honicker Farms Siskiyou Gold - With CBD at 11.492%, this is a great strain to get you going during the day. It has an uplifting effect that relaxes the user while still giving them an uplifting energetic feel. 


Mayfield Farm Boax - A sweet smelling strain with a fruity taste. With CBD at 17.998% this is a great strain for pain relief and relaxation.


Mayfield Farm Cherry - This strain in known for its large, dense nugs, and slight hints of pine in its aroma. It is an uplifting smoke as the CBD is 11.49%. 


Mayfield Farm Wife - This flower is easily recognized by its pollen covered leaves. It has a wonderful aroma and an uplifting effect in smaller amounts. With CBD at 13.644%, more than half a joint will give you a relaxing, sleep aid effect.


Red Hen Farms Cherry Wine - This strain is well known for its piney notes and uplifting effects. With CBD at 9.763%, it is a great day time smoke that will give you energy.


Volunteer Carolina - From our friends at Volunteer Farms we have a high CBD Carolina strain. With 17.67% CBD, this flower is a great choice for your evening. Its pain relieving and relaxing effects are a great answer to Winter weather and the aches it brings.


Volunteer Suver Haze - Weighing in at our highest CBD percentage of 19.51%, this flower is great for pain. It has a very relaxing effect that is ideal for sleep and inflammation reduction.


White Widow CBG - This unique strain has 1% CBD while also having 12.77% CBG, which is known to be very effective for gastrointestinal issues. This is a wonderful strain to help with morning or evening nausea.

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