Little Tree Labs

Our mission here at Little Tree is to provide transparency to our customers to help them understand our CBD products and how they may be used to improve their lives. In order to fulfill our mission of transparency, we want our customers to know what they are buying, what is in the product, where the raw materials were sourced, extraction methods used and why it all matters.

It all starts at the farm. Our goal is to source all of the hemp we process from our own farm as well as from farmers whose missions align with ours by practicing healthy, sustainable farming methods.

Once harvested, the hemp is dried and packaged to await processing at our lab in Chattanooga, TN.

We have developed our processing practices to ensure a quality full spectrum extraction. Because we utilize ethanol extraction, we are able to gently extract more cannabinoids and other beneficial plant extracts from the hemp material to provide a complete full spectrum product that will have a compound makeup similar to the whole plant. We believe the full plant extraction methods we utilize provides a full spectrum product that is more than just CBD, and therefore, a more effective overall product.

Once our full spectrum extraction is complete, we send off for third party lab testing to verify the cannabinoid makeup of the products. We are then able to verify proper dosing before we bottle and make available to our customers.

That’s it. That’s how we do it, from farm to bottle.

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