Teddy Bear Farms

We are a small family herb and hemp farm located on 20 acres in Dover, Tennessee. Our farm grows veggies, herbs, and medicinal hemp. We create unique farm to table blends with our herb collection as well as natural toys and gifts. Occasionally we blog about our projects and farm/small business adventures.

Our vision for our family is to be able to show our children that life doesn’t have to be fancy to be enjoyed and that health begins with what we grow and do for ourselves. We are blessed to live in a beautiful countryside community with many other farmers that care about the land and what that land means to their family. 

Our herb blends range from tea and coffee mixes to chocolate drinks and freshly dried herbs picked from the farm. Our inventory changes with the seasons and will always be fresh. We grow with higher than organic standards and invest into building soil for the future generations.

With Love ,

Paul, Amanda, Aubrey, Gunner plus a few dogs, two cats, and lots of chickens

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