THC-O Cosmic Crispy - LoLo Bars
THC-O Cosmic Crispy - LoLo Bars

THC-O Cosmic Crispy - LoLo Bars

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**Please use your best judgment when ordering edibles in summer/warmer months, as they are likely to react to the weather. Hemp House is NOT responsible for replacing edibles that are damaged due to weather**

With THC-O jumping into the scene we thought what better way to bring it our customers than through delicious edibles made by one of our favorites, LoLo Bars. These bars an only be found at Hemp House!

We have found a better experience with THC-O when it is ingested via edible vs smoking. With these delicious treats you get 50 mg of THC-O in each bar. Break it in half to share with a friend or save for later. Just like with all new cannabinoids we recommend starting lightly until you are familiar with the effects. 

**This product is NOT recommended for anyone subject to drug testing**

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