Hemp House - Who We Are and Why We Are Here

My name is Dwayne Madden, and I founded Hemp House in October 2017. The idea came to me while attending a local event during National Hemp History Week where I met some amazing Tennessee hemp farmers with locally grown products. My research into CBD began there and continues today. 

Like many of you have found, there are a million options when it comes to CBD, not to mention all the confusing information. I had a very good understanding of cannabis and THC but knew little of hemp or CBD. After meeting local farmers and learning firsthand how CBD worked in the body, I knew what to look for in a quality product. After reaching out to some large national companies I soon found out the companies willing to take the time to answer my questions were right down the road from me. Deciding to source our products from locally grown hemp is a decision I am proud of today. 

Working closely with our local farmers allows us to know exactly where the products we carry come from and to answer questions honestly about those products. Hemp House takes great pride in finding the best quality Tennessee-sourced hemp, CBD and THC products available. The Hemp House staff conducts ongoing research to stay on top of the latest news and developments. Our goal is to educate and find what works best for each individual customer.

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