D8 Ice Salve - Smoky Mountain CBD

D8 Ice Salve - Smoky Mountain CBD

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Delta-8 Ice Salve is a premium hemp salve which contains both CBD and Delta-8 THC at a 1:1 ratio and provides a cooling sensation when applied. If you are a fan of Smoky Mountain's Herbal Ice, you will love this Delta-8 infused version. Each 2 oz. container contains 250 mg of CBD and 250 mg Delta-8 THC for a total of 500 mg of cannabinoids.

Although ingesting and/or vaping and smoking Delta-8 products will cause a positive drug screen result, using Delta-8 in a topical product will not. Topically applied cannabinoids never reach the bloodstream or liver. Therefore, their metabolites don’t show up in any type of drug test, including urine, saliva, hair, or blood.    

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